"Approximately 12 Weeks ago our 'shop dog' Lightening was in quite a bad way. She was wetting during the night, massive skin issues on her legs and paws, she was lethargic and overweight. The vet suggested steroids, but I wasn't  convinced worried that this would make her even bigger.

A customer recommended Sig and Viv's Natural Pet Pantry,newly opened in Dinas Powys, and I must say we are so glad we paid them a visit.

We placed Lightening on a Natural Raw Diet with Natural Instinct and the results have been amazing. Her waterworks are now normal and the skin issues that she has suffered with for years have cleared up completely. She has trimmed down and now has so much more energy it is untrue. She is behaving as if she is years younger and now bounds into the car, where as before she had to be lifted in.

Customers are all commenting on the change in her. It really is remarkable!

Thanks to all at Sig and Viv's and a big, big thank-you to Natural Instinct the"miracle food"

Austin Chivers. The Curiosity Shop, Cardiff Rd, Barry.




"We have always struggled to control Jobey's weight as he loves his food!

It was a very difficult time when he was diagnosed diabetic and started on insulin. Luckily at the same time Jobey was started on a RAW diet. 

Over 2 months he has steadily lost weight, is much healthier and has more energy. The vet could not believe how quickly his blood sugar dropped within normal range. We are still trying to establish him on a maintenance dose but he is on the lowest dose for his weight. His skin has improved and his coat is amazingly soft and glossy.

Thank you Tony and Caryn and good luck with your new venture"

The Wright Family, Dinas Powys.


Frankie & Benson

"We both visited Sig & Viv’s recently and listened to what they have to say, and frankly are now converted to the raw food diet for our furbabies…!

So far, our French Bulldog Frankie has stopped eating her own poo! ☺ Our Labrador Benson’s breath has improved and he is no longer quite such a poo machine even after a few days... 

We will keep you posted... And no, it is not expensive! It is good, fresh food…

What we can say from seeing clients in the salon, is that we know there are a lot of dogs with skin disorders, digestive issues and behavioural problems, and although not the final solution, please look at their diet. 

Through speaking to Tony at Sig & Viv’s we learned about and have were shocked that so called premium foods, which you pay a huge amount of money for are frankly not as nutritious as they seem and the everyday ones as advertised on the TV, well, you wouldn't feed the seagulls at the beach!!

Take a look; pay a visit to this lovely shop that is dedicated to natural, good wholesome pet food."

Kath & Jo, Posh Pawz Salon & Spa, Roose.