Our Mission

At a Dog Show 18 months ago my wife and I came across a Bassett Hound with the most spectacular coat. We complimented the owner, who put it down to the Raw Diet. She then proceeded to inform us of the many health benefits associated with the diet and how 'taking your dog back to nature' was the new way forward. It was a 'light bulb' moment for us as our "Grand dog" Selsig (Sig) had a number of skin issues and our daughter had spent over £1,200 with her vet over the previous year.

After conducting some research Selsig was switched to a Biologically Approved Raw (BARF) Diet and immediately started to thrive. His skin issues cleared up completely within two months and he has been free of all such ailments since. When Viv the Vizsla came along nine months later, she too was placed on the same nutritious diet.

We conducted further research after viewing the TV programme "The truth about your Dogs Food," which was aired on Channel 5 in January 2014. It highlighted so many scandalous practices in the Pet Food Industry, raising points about processing, labelling, dodgy ingredients and nasty preservatives. This only strengthened our resolve in feeding the BARF Diet, and indeed to tell as many other pet owners of our findings and experiences.

Consequently we opened Sig and Viv's Natural Pet Pantry on 11th October 2014 and we have made it Our Mission to provide quality, natural pet food made with the best natural ingredients to nourish healthier, happier pets.

Ask yourself, would you eat or feed your children fast food on a daily basis? We don’t believe you would, so why feed your dogs and cats the equivalent of fast food for every meal! It is a fact that most mass produced mainstream pet foods are often packed with fillers, such as cereals,grains,and soya which dogs are simply not designed to eat - and which can actually lead to long term health problems such as yeast infections, itchy skin,ear and anal gland issues. Furthermore some foods contain meat meal and derivatives, which can include feet, feathers and other undesirable parts of an animal.

However, feeding Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and high meat content diets to your dogs or cats will provide them with all the essential vitamins, minerals and essential proteins that they need for an active and healthy life. Feeding the complete meals, that we stock at Sig and Viv's Natural Pet Pantry, you can be assured that you are giving them the very best, balanced diet made from all natural, 100% British, human grade ingredients with no cereal or fillers. Just as nature intended.

From our experiences, and that of our customers, we have witnessed significant improvements to the health and vitality of dogs and cats that have made the transition to our Biologically Appropriate Raw Feed. (BARF) All manner of uncomfortable skin, coat, teeth and joint conditions as well as long standing problems relating to digestion, breath and aggressive behaviour have been resolved with pets fed on the raw diet. The diet has also been known to play its part in the alleviation of IBS, colitis and chronic wind. It is for this very reason that more and more vets are now recommending a raw diet for the animals in their care - it is after all what your dogs and cats are designed to eat!




Meet Sig & Viv


Selsig (Sig)

Selsig (Welsh for Sausage!) is a 5 year old Wirehaired Minature Dachshund, a little dog with a big personality!

Vivienne (Viv)

Viv is a 1 year old Hungarian Vizsla, a classy lady who is a true Velcro Vizsla!


Both Sig and Viv are on the BARF raw diet and the driving force behind the inception of Sig & Viv's Natural Pet Pantry.


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